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kate rebecca phillips


what i do

I’m a narrative creator. I tell stories using images and words about intimacy, emotions, beautiful things, long journeys. I love movement, tall tales, the time just after sunset, light, lenses, colors, bodies, rage, sorrow, film grain, genre, heartbreak, road trips, saturation, sweat, nature, flowers, film…

I DIRECT: narrative, commercial, and music video work

I SHOOT: commercial, portraits, products, landscapes, skies, food, dancers, street style, BTS. I use digital, analog film, VHS video and mixed-medium.

I WRITE: feature screenplays, film treatments, commercial treatments, proposals, copy

I WANT: to work with you! You artist and creator with a heart for your work and a will to collaborate; employer seeking someone dedicated and passionate. I want to show off your products, shoot your headshots and portraits, write your treatments, direct your video…



Find me on INSTA @krpstories

I look forward to working with you. Contact me about my rates and let’s make something together.


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